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Notable Collaborations

Hala has previously collaborated with other prominent artists including:

CG5 (6.7m + subscribers)

Ironmouse (1.4m + Twitch followers, award winning streamer)

Nerdout (3.3m + subscribers)

Cam Steady (630k + subscribers)

The Stupendium (840k + subscribers)


HalaCG's music consists of Kpop-esque polished, punchy production combined with reliably explosive songwriting that is reminiscent of pop icons Lady Gaga, DojaCat, and virtual girl group K/DA.


Kicking off her career creating songs inspired by her favourite video games and TV shows (including Valorant and Arcane), Hala now releases original hard-hitting single after single with millions of streams a month worldwide.

With her sensational debut album Far Away  newly released, fans can expect a blend of her signature, captivating sound and a side of Hala they haven’t heard from before.

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"Across all the projects HalaCG has worked on with VShojo, she has been super communicative and able to hit the ground running on all of them! She understands very clearly what the asks/requests are for different projects and has executed them flawlessly - from her songwriting and composition, mixing/mastering, vocal guide creation, and understanding of different personas and vocal ranges of our talent for lyric distribution.  She understands the urgency of certain projects and is able to identify realistically when she'll be able to deliver. She is a one-stop shop and you can have full confidence she'd be able to execute swiftly!"

- Anita Lay, Director Of Talent

Link to website:

Recent Fan Comments:

“Criminally underrated” “Should be on the radio” “SHE NEVER MISSES” “Gave me goosebumps” “I can't get enough of her voice!“ “Refreshing to hear” “Masterpiece after masterpiece”

A Few of Hala's Recent Releases

HalaCG Merch Line.png

Entertaining (prod. HalaCG)

00:00 / 03:12
HalaCG Merch Line.png

我哋全部知 (prod. HalaCG) (feat. DayumDahlia & V!CE)

00:00 / 02:59
HalaCG Merch Line.png

Rest In Harmony (prod. HalaCG & Nahu Pyrope)

00:00 / 03:35
HalaCG Merch Line.png

Gambler (prod. Chira)

00:00 / 04:15
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